Photo: Gareth Gooch


“Drollinger has a distinct style as a director, it’s a mix of heightened slapstick with almost a commedia dell’arte-flavored rhythm and a sharp sense of timing, but all favored with the real truth of experience.” — SF Chronicle

D’Arcy has directed original works, including the Champagne White Trilogy and Bitch Slap as well his musicals including Scalpel!, Pink Elephants and Above and Beyond the Valley of the Ultra Showgirls.  He has also adapted and directed the “Live” drag parodies of Sex and the City, Designing Women, Rosanne, Friends, Star Trek, Three’s Company, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Facts of Life and The Golden Girls.

D’Arcy’s direction is broad, both on a physical and emotional level, gravitating towards melodrama.  Even when subtle, his use of physicality to elicit emotion and comedy is in the forefront of every performance. After many years of directing and performing in unconventional theater spaces and then opening one (Oasis), D’Arcy developed what has been referred to as the Drollinger school of over-acting or Vaudeville 2.0 – an everything but the kitchen sink approach to comedy, rooted in the schools of Commedia, Farce and the Absurd; drawing on high-camp, slapstick and drag theatrics, while keeping the pacing and subject matter current and exciting.

Drollinger uses drag and camp as powerful, while hilarious and ridiculous, they can also be disarming – allowing an audience to look at the situation or a scene in a way they could not with traditional casting.

Directed by D'Arcy Drollinger