Pink Elephants

“Extraordinary transgender diva Candis Cayne joins an all-star downtown cast for this campy noir musical, dragging musical theater kicking and screaming into the future.” – Time Out New York

“I liked it–don’t kill me.” – Michael Musto, The Village Voice

One bar, one night, one dead body, eight suspects…and a whole lot of high jinks.  Picture a musical Perry Mason episode, written by Agatha Christie and performed by the cast of the Dick Van Dyke Show, and you’ve got Pink Elephants.  An over-the-top, below-the-belt noir farce, fueled by a stereophonic, jazz-infused rock quartet.

It’s the summer of 1961 in Manhattan. The city pulses and writhes with jazz and liquor. It’s a not-so-typical night at the Slipper Room, a neighborhood bar on the Lower East Side, when Sylvia Chase, the vicious gossip columnist, is murdered. As Detective Cunningham, a gritty Sam Spade-like anti-hero, questions the drunken suspects, he gets more than he bargained for. As each suspect recounts the evening’s events, the audience enters a series of cinematic flashbacks, each one a different  “killer” song and dance.