Project: Lohan

Written and Directed by D’Arcy Drollinger

“A satirical, but hardly uncompassionate trek into celebrity oblivion…With a sharp and vivacious Drollinger in the role of Lohan, flanked by a quick-change cast of cross-dressing comedic talents (Liz Anderson, Allegra Rose Edwards, Michael Patrick Gaffney, Cindy Goldfield, and Sara Moore), it’s a 90-minute feast of campy impersonations and shrewd comic timing.” – Robert Avila, Bay Guardian

“In portraying a media culture that’s ever-desperate for the next picture, the next pull quote (there’s even a camera that projects some scenes of the performance live), Drollinger paints a portrait of Lohan that’s as compassionate as it is funny.” – Lily Janiak, SF Weekly

A multi-media, theatrical experience, Project: Lohan chronicles the life of Lindsay Lohan: actress, singer and tabloid queen. With only found text and images from tabloids, magazines, entertainment TV and Internet gossip sites, Lohan’s journey from Disney starlet to convicted felon is reconstructed in an evocative timeline as both classic myth and Shakespearean tragedy – with surprising, hilarious and poignant insights into Pop culture, the fragile nature of talent and the people who surround and exploit it.

From starlet to harlot, from hottie to hot mess, from fashion plate to prison inmate, Lindsay Lohan has been the subject of arguably one of the most publicized rise and fall in showbiz history. The youngest person to host the MTV movie awards and earning over 7 million a picture before she turned 18, Lindsay had it all, but her love/hate relationship with the paparazzi played a significant role in her seemingly out-of-control spiral. The money, the fame, the feuds, the media hungry parents, the lesbian lover, the insatiable paparazzi, 5 trips to rehab, two DUI’s, possession of cocaine, shoplifting, physical abuse and even carjacking have all played out in the public eye and reinterpreted for the stage.