Book, Music & Lyrics by D’Arcy Drollinger

“The combination of Bunraku Puppetry techniques and drag performance makes for an unlikely and unforgettable experience.”- Chloe Veltman, New York Times

“Only a face full of Botox will prevent you beaming at Scalpel!, the best time you’ll ever have at the surgeon’s, a political fundraiser or Bergdorf Goodman. A must-see evening of arch escapism from multitalented writer-director D’Arcy Drollinger (Above and Beyond the Valley of the Ultra Showgirls, etc.), it’s the kind of balls out, chin tucked musical camp-comedy that Off-Broadway legends are made of.” -Robert Avila, Bay Guardian

“Scalpel! is a riot – a deliriously wacky mock-thriller…a camped-out, crowd pleasing hit!”- Chris Jensen, San Francisco Weekly

“Rip-roaring fun!” – Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter

When wealthy New York socialite Jacquelyn Blither’s husband leaves her for a younger woman, her Upper East Side life of fabulous fashion and ladies-who-lunch takes a serious nose-dive. Her two body dysmorphic best pals nip the situation in the bud and lift Jac’s sagging spirits by sending her to the Svengali of plastic surgery, Dr Bulgari. Jacqueline loves her new face until the nightmares begin…and when the people in her nightmares begin turning up dead, Jac discovers that something sinister lurks beneath the flawless complexions and tight skin of the social elite – these women are truly dressed to kill. Armed only with her loyal English butler, her feisty Puerto Rican maid and her six -inch Jimmy Choos, Jac must infiltrate a blood-chilling conspiracy bent on global domination, as she sings and dances her way to saving the world from certain doom.