Suburbia 3000

Book, Music and Lyrics by D’Arcy Drollinger

“Funny, sharply written, well performed, and crammed with the most arcane and hilarious pop culture references you’ll find on stage, anywhere.” – Pat Craig, The Contra Costa Times

Set in a fin-de-siecle, retro-futuristic frontier,  Suburbia 3000 in the story of a reluctant super hero who stumbles through his role as “holy leader” for a confused society whose cultue is built on the transmissions of Earth’s TV.  The naïve Superman inspires the people of the planet of Suburbia to abandon their mundane lives, stop being television next-door-neighbors, and to express their individuality. But he is torn between the desires of feuding sisters, Commander Lucille B. and Dorothy from Kansas, and jealous rival, Charlie Brown, Dark forces plot to control Suburbia by exploiting Superman, ultimately turning  the planet against him. As he is about  to be executed,  Superman’s true identity is revealed and the planet careens towards revolution.