The Cereal Killers

“One of the top 10 theater productions of the year…It’s hard to pick your favorite performances, since everyone acts as if auditioning for a lifeboat on the Titanic.” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

“If you’ve never watched Saturday morning television on acid, then this in-your-face show will certainly give you an idea of what it’s like.” – The San Francisco Sentinel


Described as the Rocky Horror Show meets Bye Bye Birdie, the Cereal Killers follows Junior Jones, a lonely teenager who spends hours watching Super Bob and Vanessa Ultra-Brite on TV’s prime-time hit, The Big Shot Show. Junior’s dreams come true when he is chosen to be crowned Teen Amerikid, the lucky kid to take the first bite of the new “super cereal” CHOMP-O-LOT.  Sarah Rogers, president of the Super Bob fan club, seduces her way into the limelight in the role of Junior’s on-screen sister, America Sarah. Junior and Sarah soon see that  glamour only thinly covers the filthy doings behind the scenes at the Big Shot Show. The ensuing chaos shows the hilarious and sinister sides of America’s obsession with youth culture- and the intense power of television and of consumerism.