“It’s a mix of heightened slapstick with almost a commedia dell’arte-flavored rhythm and a sharp sense of timing, but all favored with the real truth of experience.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Raunchy, outrageous and undeniably, gloriously, tasteless (as you might expect from the title), writer D’Arcy Drollinger’s ‘S— and Champagne’ is nonstop funny.” – San Francisco Examiner

“D’Arcy Drollinger has that rare ability to always be funny onstage, regardless of material, circumstance or situation.” – SFist

“Drollinger is so proficient at creating lively shows that he’s going to surprise us one day soon by crafting a true masterpiece – the next Hedwig or Hairspray or some beguiling genre that hasn’t been invented yet. ” – Theater Dogs

“Drollinger, who plays the eponymous, larger-than-life heroine (in drag), offers up a high-velocity tragicomedy that skirts the line between satire and tragedy.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Like the previous show, this one is a rollicking, cleverly designed spoof, of sorts, of ’70s sexploitation films, with a hint of film noir and “Monty Python” thrown in.” – San Francisco Examiner

“Any spoof D’Arcy Drollinger creates (and stars in), I (and an ever-growing San Francisco flock of fans) tend to love from beginning to end — especially when full of the required stupid situations, terrible puns, and over-the-top acting.” – Theater Eddys

“Watching Drollinger channel Kim Cattrall‘s Samantha Jones provides one big laugh after another. His intonation and body language are perfect. If Catrall is unavailable for that elusive third big-screen “Sex” outing, they should hire Drollinger.” – Theater Dogs

“It’s the kind of humor that is so over-the-top — at times bordering on absurd — that it has the power to wax the highbrow off of even the most stoic of theatergoers.” – KQED

“It would already be a lot for a single stage to contain the drag talents of D’Arcy Drollinger.” – San Francisco Chronicle