Photo: Ray of Light


“Drollinger’s star power single-handedly carries the show – he’s simply a force of nature.”   – Tray Butler, HX Magazine

“Drollinger’s charisma, unerring sense of comic timing and wink-wink ease at interacting with the audience are infectious.” – Jean Schiffman, SF Examiner

D’Arcy has starred in the title role in the long-running trilogy, Shit & Champagne, Champagne White and the Temple of Poon and Champagne White is Disastrous!  He starred as Diana Midnight in the smash hit Bitch Slap; and as Frank-N-Furter in Ray of Light’s yearly production of the Rocky Horror Show.  Other star turns include Chablis in the rock musical, Above and Beyond the Valley of the Ultra Showgirls and as Beverly Sutphin in Peaches Christ’s Production of Serial Mom.  Drollinger can also be seen in the annual San Francisco productions of Sex and the City Live as Samantha Jones, and as Rose Nylund in The Golden Girls  – The Christmas Episodes.

Drollinger’s style is broad, over-the-top, ridiculous and very honest.  His winks and nods to the audience invite them in – almost as willing participants – and once hooked there is no turning back.  Drollinger’s characters, often brash and crude, are never cheap.  The laughter and tears always spring from a sense of truth and integrity.

Starring D'Arcy Drollinger