“Drollinger is so proficient at creating lively shows that he’s going to surprise us one day soon by crafting a true masterpiece – the next Hedwig or Hairspray or some beguiling genre that hasn’t been invented yet.”  – Chad Jones Theater Dogs

“Raunchy, outrageous and undeniably, gloriously, tasteless (as you might expect from the title), writer D’Arcy Drollinger’s “Shit and Champagne” is nonstop funny.”  Jean Schiffman – SF Examiner

Drollinger’s original work has always centered around heightened drama.  With only the slightest nudge, the most life or death experience becomes hilarious – or what D’Arcy refers to as extreme comedy.  His works is influenced by Farce, Commedia Del Arte, Vaudeville, High-Camp, The Theater of the Absurd and the Ridiculous. Even while exploring modern pop culture references, these classically unclassical theatrical constructs inform so much of the writing.

One bad joke is simply that. But a hundred bad jokes turns into an amazing joke or in Drollinger’s case a show; and he uses every pun, pratfall, Borscht Belt inspired gag to get there.

While mining for every possible laugh, Drollinger never lets his characters integrity suffer. Comedy can be debasing, but it loses it’s power when you sacrifice the subject.  Escapism if very often the goal, and the result, but at the core of the original work there is always an underlying focus on importance of friendship, the need to love and be loved, and the reminder that the underdog can be victorious on their own terms.

Written by D'Arcy Drollinger